Good content comes in many forms. It’s the actual content and how you distribute it that makes the difference. For example if we write a piece announcing a new product or service we might syndicate that article to through Nasdaq or Vocus. Then we might follow with a blog on the same subject matter and finally promote that piece or concept in social media.

What is Article Syndication?

News articles written with the intent to syndicate through a newswire service such as Nasdaq or Vocus (PRWeb).

What is Blogging?

Articles, ideas, thoughts, information or other content that is relevant to a particular subject.  Typically this content is added in a chronological order with specific categories and tags.

The word blogging conjures up all kinds of images in people’s minds.  They envision trendy gossip column bloggers or technical bloggers.  The reality is that blogs are just pieces of content on the internet.  They can exist independently or be housed within a website. The only difference between a blog and any other piece of content is that users can respond with comments.  Sometimes blogs are written in a more casual manner but then that is the case with some newsletters or website content.

What is Content Generation?

Information added to a website, white paper, or blog that is usually regarded as expert or original information about a particular subject matter.

What is Content Management?

Content from blogs, white papers, pdfs, web pages, articles and emails that is managed with a strategy in mind.  The strategy is usually search engine placement or branding through public relations.  This information is typically digital and is administered with a specific lifecycle goal.