What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to a website to increase organic web traffic.

Why is it important?

Links create a fair, but competitive search engine.  One of the underlying concepts for the Google Algorithm is that html links imitate human editors.  If the content of a page is recognized and acknowledged (or linked using html) from another site it is determined to be more relevant to the end user.  When these links are efficient and effective the website will move up in the organic search rankings.

Google and other search engines have Artificial Intelligence now so why do we still need link building?

We applaud the search engines for moving to a content-based algorithm.  It’s the best way to improve organic search engine results but they aren’t there yet.  Link Building will eventually be phased out but for right now it is still an important factor in the algorithms that make search work.

Best Practices for linking sites, is to connect to great content on your site.   Building thoughtful content and linking to that information accomplishes both the task of Link Building and Content Management.

Things you should know about Link Building before you buy!

  • There is no secret SEO trick or “Google insider info” required to build good links.
  • Doing research to find the most authoritative, relevant links is essential and time consuming.
  • Quality links take, on average, 3-6 months to make a difference in site rankings.
  • Too many links, too fast will do more harm than good.
  • Anchor text links to internal web pages are more valuable than links to your home page.
  • One perfect authoritative link from a trusted relevant site can be worth 1,000 unrelated links.