Email Blasts

Email Marketing

Email is still the most intimate way we have to communicate.  It’s personal.  Even if we resent the spam, we still click on it if the subject matter scratches the itch of the day.  Everyone hates spam about flooring until that day when they just happen to be looking for the right flooring option for their new house.  Very few of us intend to start our business day by shopping for shoes but the right message can bounce our attention into the world of fashion for the better part of our morning.  We just can’t help it.  We’re human and we have to click.

At CCP Web Design, we study the art of messaging.

  • What makes one message hit where another falls flat?
  • What time of day is bet to send an email message?
  • How much art is too much?
  • Should email blast be short enough not to scroll?
  • Should an email message be in plain text?

The answer for all of those questions is IT DEPENDS.  It depends on what you are selling.  What time of the day your customers are prone to click.  What your Google Analytics tell us about previous messages.  And every company, product or service is different.  Want someone to help you sort out the messages and deliver a message that produces results?  Let’s get started ….