Logo Development

A good logo is immediately brand recognizable, inspires trust, and economy of message.  At CCP Web Design we have a collaborative process that helps us arrive at a perfectly balanced logo or brand.

  • Discovery – Our designers meet with company stakeholders to parse out ideas, color concepts, product information and personal styles.
  • Black & Whites – We start with black and white sketches to pin down a starting point for the concept.
  • Test Concepts – After we have the initial concept we add styles, colors and provide several options for our clients to consider.
  • Variations – Once a concept and color is selected we provide several different variations of that concept until we arrive at just the right solution.
  • Final Delivery – Our final delivery of product includes ideas for business cards, company identity pieces, digital messages, and signage.


The perfect blend of message and art is so much more elusive than it was a decade ago.  With digital messaging perpetually changing, brand proliferation has become more challenging.  We continually adapt branding concepts to take advantage of contemporary message opportunities.

To find the precise idea, we start with surveys.  Oddly enough we begin our Q & A Sessions with the negatives.  Most people know what they don’t like so rather than asking what they favor, we boil down to the correct results by separating out what they don’t like.  For example, I bet you can name three things off of the top of your head that you don’t like about your neighborhood, grocery store, or even your hair. Now try the opposite.  It’s much harder to find three things that you do like.

Finding ways to amplify a message is a challenge that we wholeheartedly embrace.   And at CCP Web Design, we know how to follow a critical logic path to the right solutions. Our strategists wheedle out complex ideas into simple statements and finally formulate a perfectly crafted message.